About us

Min-Sheng General Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Missioncare group. Located close to Taiwan’s main International Airport, this 600-bed hospital provides comprehensive tertiary health care and specializes in minimally invasive surgical procedures; its bariatric, spine, and cardiac surgery centers have achieved international recognition. The hospital boasts the latest in medical technology, and is at the forefront of the integration of information technology in health care delivery in Taiwan.

Min-Sheng General Hospital recruits physicians from Taiwan’s top medical schools, and eighty-five percent of its doctors are National Taiwan University graduates. Striving for excellence, Min-Sheng General Hospital actively seeks third party validation of its facilities, and processes. In 2006 it received international recognition for its patient centered, evidence based care by becoming the first hospital in Taiwan to be accredited by JCI, the international arm of Joint Commission, the body that certifies all hospitals in the USA. Min-Sheng General Hospital has also received JCI certification for its Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), Diabetes type II, and Chronic Kidney Disease programs.