Here are comments and extracts of letters of some of the patients who came to Min-Sheng General Hospital for medical care.

“Having been in the hospital business myself in America, I’d say that this (Min-Sheng) hospital is comparable if not better than the ones I’ve been involved with in America. The medical staff is superb, the nursing staff is superb. There is a great deal of care, attention, and follow through.
I would recommend this hospital and medical staff to any person who wants to have this type of surgery”.
Christopher W. (U.S.A) Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass)

“The care was very professional. They make you very cautious; they make you a good patient for your own safety. The materials that they used were the same as those that would have been used in the U.S, the procedure was the same… the only difference was a $70000 savings to my pocket. I would recommend this to anyone. If I had to have surgery in the future, you bet I would definitely be returning to this hospital in Taiwan… the care that I received, the nursing staff- again I can’t say enough about them-, the professionalism…really it is a number 1!” .
Ken H. (U.S.A) Bilateral knee replacement

“I came to Min-Sheng Hospital because I’d done some research about weight loss surgery, and I often came across references to the work of Professor Lee Wei-Jei and his team.
The hospital is great, the staff is very friendly and communication was never a problem.
I would definitely not get this level of care at this price in my own country”.
Sarrita S. (South Africa) Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass)

“I feel very comfortable talking to you…you are so organized!”
Sofia F. (Guatemala) Spine surgery

“Being able to combine a very comprehensive health check and some minor outpatient surgery with my business trip…I have medical insurance in America, but the convenience of doing it here is priceless.
They (Min-Sheng Hospital) are very responsive; they set it all up in one day, in five different departments. This would have taken me about eight different visits to get the referrals to have this done in the U.S…I just don’t have time for that! The staff was very attentive, the facilities are actually much nicer and cleaner than what I am used to at home”.
Doug S. (U.S.A) Comprehensive health check and out-patient surgery

“Back home I was a on a waiting list for this type of surgery. I heard about Min-Sheng Hospital and its reputation regarding weight loss surgery…I decided to have it done immediately there.
Service is very professional in all ways. The facilities are great and they give you the feeling of being a guest not just a number. They really take the time to make sure that everything is fine with you!” .
Marco d.L (The Netherlands) Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass)

“You saved my life and the service was amazing! You made me feel like a rock star!”
Henro S. (South Africa) Cardiac PTCA + stent

“Everything was perfect. Thanks a lot. Would it be possible to come back for a couple of days just to take a rest and enjoy the service?”.
David J. (U.S.A) gastric surgery

”Min-Sheng is great and I believe I got care as good, or better than any place in the world…
Outstanding service and treatment”.
Douglas P. (U.S.A) Total Hip Replacement

“Hi William,

I just arrived home…

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for making me feel at ease during my stay at Min-Sheng. I feel you went above and beyond the normal duties of your position in order to make me as comfortable as possible. I will never forget your kindness.

Also please express my gratitude to the tremendous staff at your hospital. They were truly professional and I feel that I received world class care during my stay.

Warm Regards,”
Paul R. (U.S.A) Cardiac PTCA + stent

The hospital staff prepared for our second stay very well. They remembered all ours needs from the previous visit. We appreciate the effort very much…
The hospital staff can really grow on you. They show genuine concern. Keep it up”.
John and Ann F. (South Africa) Comprehensive health check

“Overall very satisfied, and so happy to get the operation here. Everyone has been so nice with me.
Thank you so much. Working on this way you will be better every day. Thanks again”.
Evan L. (Spain) Inguinal hernia

I am very thankful for a competent, encouraging, positive doctor. Thank you so much for all the great care!
I appreciate William’s sensitivity to helping or disappearing, as the occasion demanded. Thanks!”
Linda H. (USA) Bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy)

“Dear Staff members,
We know it’s not always easy treating a foreign patient because of the culture difference and the language barrier, so thanks a lot for all your help and patience.

We would like to acknowledge one nurse in particular, Miss Chen Yi-Jen; she was very diligent, caring, and very friendly. We can really see that she cares about her job.

Thank you William for all your help and patience, too. You really made it easier for us.

All the best, and good luck with everything!”
Jane S. (South Africa) Orthopedic surgery

Hello Min-Sheng Hospital:

I wanted to tell you how very impressed I was with the Min-Sheng hospital and the whole process we had.

Just for your information I am a Quality Assurance Manager by profession.
I am certified by the American Society of Quality as a CQA (certified Quality auditor) and CQ Mgr. (Certified Quality Manager), so I have some experience observing and judging processes and looking for quality issues.

The Min-Sheng hospital staff was very friendly and efficient in accommodations of my late arrival, (flight issues).  They had all the testing and paperwork done in record time.  They also took care of my every need during my stay.

William was terrific in organizing and making us feel welcome and helping my wife to relax and understand the process better.   We even got to visit with some other patients who had already had the procedure.  This helped my wife to be less stressed about the whole process.

Dr. Lee  " the professor", was very helpful in helping us understand the entire process and letting us know what to expect.  The surgery outcome was very good.
The surgery cut marks are so small I have a difficult time to find them.

On December 22, 2011, my weigh by my home scale was 295 lbs.  On January 22, 2012 I weighed 255 lbs on that same scale. I had lost 40 lbs in one month.   At this point I have had not one day of physical hunger.  I have had some emotional urges that had to be suppressed, but this was not hard to do because of the lack of physical hunger.

I am now in stage III, trying to move from liquid food to eat mush consistency foods.  This is a little difficult time.  I have to learn what my body wants and understand how little it can actually hold.  As of today I am now down to 250 lbs. A loss of 45 lbs.  I am feeling good.  I have good energy most of the time, but I know when I start to run low on energy.

Again, thanks for helping me start this new part of my life.

Thanks again
Allan G (USA) bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy)

Hello William,

Things are good here, the weather has changed to fall and the leaves are beautiful in the mountains.

My health is excellent! I'm in good health and have just joined a health club to be able to exercise during the winter months. As of to date I've lost 36 lbs. I feel great, having no problems. Just another 60 lbs or so to go… but that will come, maybe sometime in January or February.

Hope all is well with you too. Around Christmas I will send a picture of myself. I will look quite different, as many can see the change already”.
Julie L. (USA) Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass)