Health Screenings

Screening tests are for people who do not necessarily feel ill. These tests cannot prevent diseases; they are used to detect abnormalities which are then looked at more closely in other examinations. Screenings aim to detect diseases at an early stage when they are not yet causing any symptoms, or to determine the likelihood an individual will contract a disease should no action be taken to correct it.

The VIP Health Checkup Center offers health screenings tailored to individual needs. Set in a luxurious environment and with an emphasis on service, the Center offers standard half-day or full-day packages that can incorporate the patient’s specific requirements. These packages can be combined with additional tests, a sleep study, and additional medical imagery. In the course of a full-day screening, patients will be seen by five different specialists and undergo x-ray, echo, and endoscopic examination. Comfortable accommodation is provided to enable the patient to rest between examinations. Eighty percent of the results are available on the day of visit, and within weeks a detailed report is sent to the patient who was able to do in one day, and in a single facility, what should have taken weeks and extensive traveling otherwise.


The Health Screening Center is located on the 21st floor of Min-Sheng General Hospital

Hours of Operation

Monday ~ Saturday:  8:00 ~ 16:00

It is imperative to book in advance. For information and booking contact us at missioncare.tw@gmail.com or call +886 3 3179599 ext.2080 for English service.