Why travel to Taiwan’s Min-Sheng for health care?

People travelling from abroad for medical treatment at Min-Sheng General Hospital do it for one or more of the following reasons:

Considerable savings

Taiwan provides world-class healthcare at a fraction of the cost of countries like the United States. Depending on the procedure, American patients can expect savings of up to 75% on their healthcare costs by electing to be treated in Taiwan. How is this possible? After years of careful planning, the local government rolled out a single-payer national Health Insurance system that now covers almost the entire population and to which everyone contributes. This system has driven down the cost of healthcare across the country, and now has the lowest administrative cost in the world (2%). Taiwan manages to provide its population one of the world’s most comprehensive and convenient healthcare systems, while spending roughly 6% of gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare. By comparison, healthcare spending in the US accounts for nearly 16% of GDP…and rising!

High quality care

As a result of significant investment by both the government and private hospitals like Min-Sheng, the medical equipment used in Taiwan's hospitals is state-of-the art, facilities are modern, and surgeons, physicians, and medical technicians are highly trained and qualified. Taiwan is also one of only a few countries in the world that has a national healthcare accreditation scheme. All hospitals in Taiwan are surveyed for reaccreditation every three years, and the system has played a major role in the effort to promote quality healthcare in Taiwan. To show that their standards are on par with those of North American hospitals, many hospitals in Taiwan have been surveyed by Joint Commission International, and have received JCI accreditation. Min-Sheng General Hospital led the way and was the first hospital in Taiwan to receive JCI accreditation in 2006.

Patient oriented service

Caring and compassion are deeply ingrained in Taiwan’s culture and that is reflected in the way medical staff deal and treat patients. As a result, the care provided by hospitals is squarely centered on the best possible outcome for the patient and on his or her experience. Moreover, foreign patients are seen as guests and the staff at Min-Sheng General Hospital goes to great length to make your stay in Taiwan a memorable one. Expect great service and a level of attention that you may not be accustomed to back home. Min-Sheng General Hospital offers personalized high quality care, and its International Healthcare staff will arrange for a seamless experience.

Taiwan’s environment

A vibrant democracy, Taiwan is a developed country with a dynamic economy. As such, it is not plagued by problems that can affect patients who travel to less developed medical travel destinations, such as poor sanitation, crime, political instability, poor transportation systems, labor unrest, and abject poverty.

Taiwan as a tourism destination

Taiwan is often overlooked as a tourism destination, yet it has a lot to offer to those who make the effort to come and visit. Rugged mountains cover two thirds of the island and the coast is dotted with jaw dropping cliffs and sun drenched beaches. While going through its fast paced development Taiwan was also able to preserve its distinctive historical and cultural traditions. The size of the island and convenient transportation make it easy to explore even with limited time. Prices are very reasonable and Taiwanese hospitality make for an overall wonderful experience. Taiwan is easily accessible from North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia, with airlines offering nonstop flights from many cities.