International patients sevices

The International Healthcare services center (IHC) is a team of doctors, nurses, and administrators assembled to assist foreign patients seeking treatment at Min-Sheng General Hospital. Our mission is to make your visit at Min-Sheng a smooth, successful, and memorable experience by providing seamless service at every step of your medical journey. Whether you are based in Taiwan, or travel to our hospital from abroad for treatment, we are here to make it easier for you and to ensure that your needs are met. Our multilingual international staff is plainly aware of the anxiety and difficulties that people may experience while traveling abroad, especially in an environment and culture radically different from their own. Experience and feedback from our foreign patients tells us that we do make a difference. By making you comfortable we actually contribute to the success of your treatment; peace of mind is not a small part in the healing process. Whether it is when coordinating a surgical trip to Taiwan, facilitating communication, or following up on a treatment, IHC provides diligent, efficient, and more to the point…personal service.